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Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd
Holly Black, Cecil Castellucci, Barry Lyga, Tracy Lynn
Tigers and Devils
Sean Kennedy
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The Raven Boys
Maggie Stiefvater
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Saving Francesca - Melina Marchetta oh my, she did it again. Melina Marchetta swept me off my feet. Saving Francesca was awesome, not On the Jellicoe Road awesome, but awesome nonetheless. it made me love the author even more, and now i'm sure about one thing: Melina Marchetta could write a tome about the right use of toilet paper and i would fall in love with it. i don't know how does she do it, but she writes stories so captivating that i want to fall on my knees and thank her for writing such wonderfulness.

the characters in saving francesca go straight to your heart. all of them are so likeable, so well developed, so not perfect, so real. so frakking real. it took me one chapter and i became attached to them. they made me laugh and giggle, they made wanna slap them, hug them, hang out with them, they made me swoon, they made me angry, they made me happy, they made me cry. oh hell, i hate to cry about a book. in this case, however, crying was liberating and soothing. i'm not making sense here, but who cares ^^
so it happened that one moment i was crying like a baby, and the very next made me swoon cos a soaking wet mr darcy aka colin firth was mentioned. that's what i call an emotional rollercoaster :D

the ending made me sad, not because the ending was sad, but rather because i had to let go the characters. i'm glad that there's The Piper's Son waiting for me ❤

beautifully written with awesome characters and interesting plot this book goes straight to my in love with shelf.