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Inescapable (The Premonition, #1) - Amy A. Bartol

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Can be found here as well ==> Amy A. Bartol – Inescapable (The Premonition #1) | AnjaIsReading

DNF at 58%

Inescapable was a book I thought I would fall in love with. Beautiful cover, great premise, raving reviews. So, what could possibly go wrong? More than you can shake a stick at, obviously. Well, saying this book was disappointing would be an understatement. Eventually I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I gave up. I have to admit that I managed to read quite a few very bad books this year without abandoning them. Be that as it may, I just hadn’t it in me to finish Inescapable. Maybe I simply reached my limit of tolerance for books I don’t enjoy.

Right from the beginning I had a bad feeling, had some doubts as to whether I was going to like this book. Unfortunately, I was right doubting it :(

The plot itself might have been pretty decent, alas I couldn’t find a plot. There were some good ideas which got bogged down in countless nullities. Yeah, right, I understand. It’s more important to babble on and on about field hockey (srsly? Field hockey?), and creating an useless love triangle and an incredible love story than developing a comprehensible plot line.

Then there was the quite abysmal writing style. Reiterations became an institution and nearly drove me to insanity. I couldn’t discover the story, because everything was explained right down to the last detail. Multiple times. (Code: reiterations.) I hate it when a story doesn’t leave any room for speculations. It makes me feel like authors think their readers are too dumb to follow the story.
And how is it possible that, despite so many with descriptions overloaded passages, I felt nothing? I missed life, vividness, spirit, emotions. Show, don’t tell gone bad?
Furthermore, why was it that, even though the setting was supposed to be a college, I couldn’t escape the feeling that I was reading a boarding school story?
Next point, the conversations. Ugh. Who the hell talks like the protagonists in this book? So stilted, robotic, and awkward? Plus, most of the conversations made no sense.
All in all I didn’t like either the writing or the narrative style.

Same goes for the protagonists; shallow, boring, underdeveloped characters I couldn’t connect with. Not one of them has personality let alone multifacetedness. Only Evie’s uncle was somewhat nice, but since he just played a minuscule minor part he doesn’t count.
Yeah, Evie, oh Evie… What is wrong with you, girl? One of the most peculiar MCs ever. She’s so irrational, shrugs off even the strangest events, acts way too calm, calls nothing in question. I mean, she learns the most dreadful things about herself and some pretty dangerous news, and all she’s saying is something like “Huh?”. (Hmph, she didn’t really say Huh, I just reduced her non-reaction to that ^^ You get the point…)
Next in line is Reed. Dark, brooding, dangerous. The generic bad boy, asshat, richer than god more beautiful than sunrise love interest. Very original. Not. Still he was a character with potential, unfortunately the author left it unexploited.
To complete the triangle we have Russel. He was somewhat likeable, a great friend. I even understood why he was drawn to Evie. (That was actually the only comprehensible twist in this book.) Alas his personality was manipulated to suit the plot to the author’s liking, to create conflict between him and Evie, so the reader is bound to hate him and to ship the “right” pairing. Duh!

Speaking of triangle and pairing… Hello insta!love, hello love triangle, hello starcrossed lovers. Aaaaaargh -.-
And I don’t even know why Evie/Reed claimed to love each other. There was no chemistry between them, I couldn’t see any emotions. They cuddled, they kissed, but with no recognizable feelings. Like I said before, the love story was incredible, inexplicable, and felt just wrong.

To sum my blabbing up, I can’t recommend this book. It was an underwhelming reading experience, and I’m done with this series. Very sad :(