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Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1) - Abbi Glines 1 Totoro

Abbi Glines – Fallen Too Far | AnjaIsReading

Deutsche Rezi Abbi Glines – Rush of Love: Verführt | AnjaIsReading

WTF. No, seriously, WTF o.O
There are so many books in this world. Amazing books. Great books. Not so great books. Bad books. Shitty books. Shitty as hell books. And then there is Fallen Too Far. I think I have no words for how beneath contempt this piece of crap was. Right from the beginning I was appalled by the display of stupidity I had to face. I made it to the third chapter in which I had to take a break, because my reader was in danger of taking a flight against the wall. Or out of the window. Whatever. How I was able to not DNF this book is beyond me.

With the wisdom of hindsight I don't even know why I wanted to read this book in the first place. The hackneyed synopsis speaks volumes and should have been warning enough. Maybe it was the cheesy cover that lured me in. And most certainly all the rapturous reviews sealed the deal. My bad.

I'm pondering about something nice to say about this book. Something like "Could have been worse". Well, no. I'm not gonna lie. If this book had been worse, I might have lost the will to live. Ah, lightbulb :D There is indeed something nice I can say. Fallen Too Far is so crappy it makes some of the other unpleasant books I read so far look almost like high literature.

The Plot
After suffering through some blows of fate, young and inexperienced girl with no money meets rich bad boy. Hate and lust mingle. Sex. Love grows. Bitches bitch. Drama. Cliffhanger. End of story.
Nothing new, nothing special, nothing original. Most of the time the story is uninspired and boring, and it's out-and-out cliché-ridden. The execution of this already dumb plot full of platitudes is so exceptionally stupid that it's an insult to my intelligence.
The story is based on looks, charms, how much money everyone has, sex, and nothing more. There’s no depth, no vibe, no wit.
It started out as Twilight-ish crap (LoveInterest: “Uh, I'm a bad guy, stay away from me, whiney wine.” Ugh.), and that was bad enough, and improved to Fifty Shades of Shit-ish crap (LoveInterest: “Uh, I don't kiss, I fuck. And I'm so full of shit, but I want to pop your cherry anyway, because you're so sweet.” Ugh.)
And then there is a secret everyone but Miss Virgin Mary MC knows about. This secret was like a straw I clutched at. I had hope that at least this twist would bring something exciting into the plot. But no chance. This so called secret, this alleged big ass secret, this devastating secret with the potential to shatter the MC’s world was... downright ridiculous. Overdone and moronic drama at its best.

The Writing
First and foremost: If you can't write, then let it be. And stringing words together is NOT equatable to writing.
The, erm, writing style horrible. It's like reading a class essay written by a third grader. Editing and proof-reading are dreadful, nah, non-existent. Since English grammar is quite different from the German one, I have my problems with proper comma placement (among other things). But if even I am able to notice missing or wrong placed commas, then there’s something pretty damn wrong.
Next, almost every frakking sentence starts with “I”. “I go to the door. I open the door. I put on my shoes. I blah. I blahblah. I blahblahbla.” Yeah, I know, English sentence construction is quite strict. But: Variations. Are. Possible.
Then there is the “show don’t tell” precept Abbi Glines evidently never heard of. The entire book is so inanimate, so vapid, so uninspired. There is no flow, no life, no pictorial language. You just get careless written facts.
And don’t get me started on the fucked up conversations. All of them were forced and clumsy and awkward.
Not to mention all the constantly recurring phrases which by no means were rhetorical devices but bad writing, plain and simple.
Furthermore the author forgot to convey feelings and emotions (with this writing style no surprise) so that I couldn’t connect with the characters (thank God), and even supposedly dramatic events left me cold.

Yeah, plot and writing were so bad, sometimes I wondered whether or not this book was meant to be a NewAdult-Genre parody I just didn’t understand.

The Protagonists
What can I say. In this book wasn’t a single protagonist that wasn’t dumb as a bucket of shrimp. Both main and secondary characters were cheap, shallow, extremely underdeveloped, and had no personality to speak of. But, of course, all of them are beautiful and most of them richer than God.
With secondary characters one might condone the fact that they are badly drawn figures. But with the MCs?

The Female MC
She is naïve and simple-minded, pretty silly, inexperienced, and innocent. She doesn’t know shit about life and boys and love, and I don’t know why. The author tried to explain, but I think this explanation is mindless. She’s 19 after all, and she was in a committed relationship. Despite all the circumstances she should have at least somewhat life experience.
Speaking of her age. 19? For real? She’s never seen a naked man let alone an exposed chest, never had an orgasm (she’s even to dimwitted to get herself off). Maybe this is the reason she behaves like a megahorny pre-teen.
And she’s so dumb I want to cry. She and Mr LoveInterest talked hardly three times, he behaved like the biggest cretin ever, he dissed her every chance he got. She had to witness how he kept screwing and ditching bimbo after bimbo day after day. Still she thinks he’s perfect, still he gets under her skin, and she’s falling in love with him (after a week or so). Uh, WHAT?
And whenever I thought she couldn’t get any dumber she disabused me. From time to time I wondered whether she’s able to breath without outside assistance. The conclusions she makes are just stupid. Like the Country Club situation, the perfect example (one of many, too many): LoveInterest rescues her from a megabitchy bitch and all she thinks is
”If everyone in there hadn't known we were having sex, they did now.”
Yeah, because it would be bonkers to assume that a friend is helping a friend *headdesk*
My last evidence for the MC’S increasable thick-headedness is the sex twist. We all know she’s a virgin. Fortunately LoveInterest attends to that matter and makes her just like that a sex goddess. Very authentic. Once acquired a taste for it, she wanted “to do the nasty” every chance she got. Understandable. And it might be also somewhat understandable that they, in the heat of the moment, forgot to use a contraceptive once. BUT it’s by no means understandable that later he says
”No condom tonight. I'll pull out.”
and she agrees to that.
Safest. Contraceptive method. Ever.

The Male MC
According to Miss MC he’s the epitome of perfectness. According to me he’s a fucked up asshat. I think he’s supposed to be a bad boy (a popular stereotype), but the author failed to make him one. She just managed to give me an arrogant and heinous player who says so beautiful things like
“It’s time for you to go,” he replied taking her hand off his chest and stepping away from her. I watched as he pointed in the direction of the front door.
“What?” she replied. The confused expression on her face said she hadn’t been expecting this.
“You got what you came here for, babe. You wanted me between your legs. You got it. Now I’m done.”

”I know a virgin when I kiss one.”
”Blaire, I’m not a romantic guy. I don’t kiss and cuddle. It’s all about the sex for me. You deserve someone who kisses and cuddles. Not me. I just fuck, baby. You aren’t meant for someone like me. I’ve never denied myself something I want. But you’re too sweet. This time I have to tell myself no.”
”I was right. You're just as sweet in that hot little pussy of yours as you are everywhere else.”
Ah, I love that he wouldn’t grow tired of telling her how beautiful she is; inside and out... when all the inside he knows is between her legs. No kidding.
That’s all I can say about this dumbass, because thinking about him makes me queasy, and I don’t want to puke all over my laptop...

All In All
This book was waste of time and money. As for self-publishing really is a bad example, and it makes me more than sad that trees had to die for this crap. Still I couldn't fail to notice that many people liked if not loved this book. I just don’t get it.

And at last there’s indeed something good I can say about this book. It made me laugh. No, not the book itself (it made me almost cry), but the consequent epic bitch-fest with my reading buddies. Thank you, girls.