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Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout first and foremost: i never read "vampire academy", so i'm not going into all this half-blood is all like va crap. i have to admit, at first when i heard about all the similarities between half-blood and vampire academy i was a little bit shocked. but it failed to spoil the fun i had with this book :)
to me half-blood is a fantabulous read - no more, no less. almost unputdownable, it blew me away and left me speechless.
after reading daimon (which i utterly fell in love with) i might me a little biased, 'cause after the first chapter i fell in love with half-blood, too. it exceeded any expectations i had.

although i love this book i'm not blind to its flaws. um, thinking it over there is only one flaw worthy of mention. since the first time the apollyon-thingy was mentioned the following story arc became as clear as the day. in return the mother / daimon twist was a ~nice surprise. the following showdown not so much ^^
nevertheless, as for the apollyon-thingy i venture to guess there will be some more surprises, or rather i hope so. if so, mentioned flaw will be forgotten *lol*

the end should not go unmentioned. too many authors tend to write nasty endings. what can i say? i royally hate suchlike cliffhangers. what's the point of doing this? ~customer loyalty or something? crap.
blargh, i get off the track... whatever... the end of half-blood is great. an ending full of sadness and hope, no cliff, no annoying pseudo-action, just a moment of peace. just what the book needed. wonderful.

beautifully written, with a striking plot and likeable characters this book contains friendship, love, fun, action, emotion, thrilling moments, hope, and, that's the main thing, a kickass main character. and while all swoon over either aiden or seth i somehow have a thing for caleb. he's a great secondary character, a really nice guy. still aiden is amazing. i fully understand why alex has a crush on him.

oh, i want to thank the author for teaching me the word 'craptastic'. i always want to expand my english vocabulary and my english skills. (god knows how hard it is to write this review in english without making a fool of myself ^^)

to cut a long (well, not so long) story short, this book is amazing and everyone who hasn't yet should read it. now i have to exercise patience 'til pure will be published. april 3rd 2012 is not this long, right? *le sigh*