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Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor 'why the hype' i wonder whenever i hear people praise this book to the skies. i don't get it.
first off, there's the strange writing style, the strange sentence arrangement. hell, how many commas does a book need? and the overdone prose? i got lost in vanities and pointless pictorial language. usually i love lyrical writing, but this was too much. way too much. it slowed me down and spoiled all the fun that might have been in the story. it's like reading a maggie-stiefvater-wannabe - and not in a good way.

'Karou was, simply, lovely. She moves like a poem and smiles like a Sphinx.' can someone tell me what's 'she moves like a poem' supposed to mean? and 'karou was, simply, lovely'? why someone needs to beef up a four-word-sentence with two commas?
yeah, the writing style sucked most of the time, and - more often than not - the prose made no sense at all.

despite the strange writing i thought i could like this book. i mean, prague *___* it's, along with dublin, my favorite town. i spent so much time on charles bridge watching puppeteer and artists and painters, i ate goulash and drank freshly brewed beer in small and not so small pubs, i strolled up and down narrow alleys and side streets, i enjoyed the vivid hustle and bustle of hundreds of rambling tourists and locals. prague is awesome. and this book was prague.
next up, we have some great protagonists. zuzana, an amazing secondary character. i loved her from the jump. all the same with brimstone and issa. i even liked karou, but i couldn't connect with her.

but the promising beginning lead me up the garden path.
firstly, kazimirgate - so irrelevant, even though it was fun to read about karou's revenge :D
secondly, karou is lonley, karou wants to be loved. thanks, i got it. i don't need to read it over and over again. reiterating this is annoying and makes karou whiney and weak, when she is anything but.
thirdly, the love interest, akiva. i had hope for the story til akiva showed up. i can't put into words why i didn't like him. maybe it was because of his voice. i didn't like his pov.

at this point the book lost most of its appeal to me, but clung on hope and willed me to read on. alas it went from bad to worse, with a flashback in karou's and akiva's past. this flashback took most of the second half of the book. that alone is bad enough. to top it all off, the whole flashback part was so not interesting and it dragged on and on and on and on -.- it could've been told in one single chapter...
plus, the romance was too, idk, normal. too clichéd. a had hoped for more than ~plain star-crossed lovers.

the ending, however, was terrific. i loved the last pages, the last twist, the no-hea. i loved that there was no cliffhanger. i loved some of the stylistic devices, like mini-chapters and the poems between the book parts.
i don't know if i want to read the next book, but i think i will, after all i want to know what's with brimstone and the others.

3 stars... for prague, for the ending, for brimstone, for zuzana, for the great moments the book had, for the promising (even though wasted) plot, and for teeth ^^