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Tempting the Best Man - J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout more like 3.5 stars :)

*coughs* that was... nice ^^
it's been a few days since i finished Tempting the Best Man, and i still can believe i read this book, and, to top it all off, even liked it. i'm so not into that kind of literature. normally i wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.
but once upon a time i decided and pronounced that i would read anything Jennifer L. Armentrout (yeah, we all know J. Lynn is jla's pen name) writes. and so i did. and found me quite good entertained.
reading this was like going back into my early teens when i was a sucker for cheesy romantic novels with titles like "up close and dangerously sexy" (i'm not ashamed of admitting this ~.~), you know, the kind of ~books you can find at your supermarket's/newsdealer's periodical rack.

tempting the best man follows the same pattern like these novels. a woman falls in love with a seemingly unattainable man, and in order to find true happiness heroine and hero must overcome numerous obstacles. it's a simple concept. i knew that before i started reading, so i could say to myself "told you so". but i don't have to, because i really liked it (am i making sense here??? sometimes i hate my limited english skills -.-).

although it was predictable and not really original, i absolutely enjoyed reading it, for it was a litecutesexyfun read with likeable characters, plus it was exceptional well written (nothing new with jla's works). maddie and chase made a nice couple. i loved their teasing and bantering, they made me laugh, and swoon, and sometimes throw my hands up in horror ^^ admittedly, you shouldn't take the characters too seriously, and all the hither and thither was a teensyweensy bit exhausting, and the ending was pretty corny, but on the whole everything fits together perfectly.

this book isn't deep, and it won't exactly setting the world on fire, but if you're looking for light and fun and quick read with a decent dose of, erm, smoking hot romance tempting the best man might be the perfect book for you.