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City of Lost Souls  - Cassandra Clare i took my time to gather my thoughts, to take one step back, to figure out my feelings about city of lost souls. but in the end, again and again, i come to the same conclusion: i don't like this book. and i'm sorry to say that, for i really liked the mortal instruments so far. i'm even one of the few people who liked city of fallen angels (although we all know clare should have ended tmi at city of glass). despite its flaws, cofa was a great start to revive this (technically complete) series, it opened endless new possibilities. so i cherished great expectations for cols, to no avail. this book annoyed me on so many levels, and it bored the hell out of me to a great extent.

firstly, the plot: wait, plot? yeah, there was a plot, well hidden between too many making out scenes and ongoing descriptions of what everyone is wearing. and sometimes i just wanted to puke all over my book, because countless base flatteries of how amazing jace looks made me sick to death. oh, and all this jumping at each other? booooooooooooring -.- esp. kyle and maya - why the fuck the both of them gained that much attention? their pov were nothing more than waste of paper that did nothing to the story's development.
next up, there was nothing new. cols is just rehashing of tmi #1 - #3. so almost the complete book is predictable like you wouldn't believe. in order to fight some evil guy (we all know who the evil guy is - again) the good guys have to find some magical junk (again), something is happening with jace (again), we have the summoning of the angel raziel (again), the seelie queen is playing tricks (again), sebastian is harrasing clary (again), there's something going on with the mark of cain (again).

secondly, the characters: i'm not a clary fangirl, i never was. so i will cope with clare making her even more annoying. most of the time i wanted nothing more than to beat the living daylights out of her. in the past she was a nuisance, by now she belongs to the "to dumb to breathe" category.
i might cope with clary being blockheaded. but what the hell did clare do to magnus and alec? magnus i loved from the very beginning and alec i learned to love over time. but now? i don't recognize the two of them anymore :( observant magnus was anything but observant. maybe the demon pox made him blind... it can't be explained in any other way that he didn’t get what was going on with alec. yeah, well, alec, he can consort with clary, same category. the break up was so preposterous, i don't get why clare had to made up this bullshit.
who else? jocelyn :D i know she wants to protect her daughter, but there's no need to go overboard. clary is a shadowhunter, it's in her blood, she can't help it. being part of the nephilim world jocelyn must know she can do nothing. by now she should have learned that there's no way she can hide clary from this world. she tried but failed. you can't run, you can't hide - this world will find you. furthermore her double standards fuck me off.
maya and kyle, yeah, well, is said already what i had to say. boooooooooooooring ^^

thankfully there were some parts i really enjoyed. i loved the simon/izzy parts. kick-ass izzy who's so delightful upfront, and simon, cute, nerdy simon, who i loved since he showed up in city of bones.
sebastian made a nice villain. he's a charismatic charmer, like j.r. ewing xD oh, camille was great, too. no appealing figure, still wonderful outlined.
the demon's summoning was fun, alas it was over bevor it had begun, and the final battle was amazing.
that doesn't make up the shitty parts. but only because of the few good parts, reading cols was no utter waste of time.