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Tigers and Devils
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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout daemon ❤ that's all :D

Merged review:

whoops o.O it's really a month since i read this book? hell, the queen of procrastination strikes again o.O
...but it's okay, i don't have much to say anyway.

there were only two things i didn't like about obsidian.
#1 - the guys on the cover (or rather the cover itself), guys in covers jam my imagination, bog down my mental cinema. i had to get over it 'cause i badly wanted to read this book.
#2 - the book ended... and i didn't want it to end -.-

the rest i loved. i'm not kidding, from the first line i fell in love with this book, and i loved it from cover to cover.
the story - great
the characters - terrific
the writing - fantastic

after having read daimon i was amazed.
after having read half-blood i was floored.
and now - after having read osidian - it's carved in stone: Jennifer L. Armentrout is one of my new favorite authors. i will read anything she writes... even if she would write an essay about toilet paper or mathematical equations (ugh ^^). i mean, she made me love aliens - which is saying something :)

that's about it. i might fill this review with more and more and more praise, with endless compliments, with doxologies (is this the right word?), but in the end all this can be summarized by a single word: brilliant.
sometime, maybe, i will write a more detailed review in my native language... if i can tame the procrastinating monster that is lurking inside my head ^^

i really really really can't wait for the next book *jumpsexcitedupanddown*