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Supernaturally (Paranormalcy #2) - Kiersten White 3 Totoros

Kiersten White – Supernaturally (Paranormalcy #2) | AnjaIsReading

Short conclusion:

I have to admit that I'm quite disappointed. Supernaturally wasn't what I hoped it would be, and it was anything but supernatural.

The protagonists I came to love in the first installment felt so... meh this time.
Evie - cute, strong, bad ass Evie - was replaced by a somewhat dumb, whiney, lying, selfish brat. Oh, it was fun to see how she struggled with her ~normal life, to see how real life high school destroyed her Easton Heights idyll. And sometimes, when the old Paranormalcy Evie put in an appearance, I was reminded why I liked her so much. The Supernaturally Evie, however, I wanted to bitchslap more often than not for making so many stupid decisions. One might call this change in character "character development". Yeah, but why had this character to change for the worse? Fortunately it got better towards the end.
Then there was Lend, the boyfriend, clever, witty, lovable, adventurous Lend. What happened with him? He was notably absent, and in case he did show up, he was boring and vanilla. I'm tempted to say that he even was a little controlfreakish from time to time. Still he had his moments, and I think there's enough of the old Lend in him to make me with happy his character again.
Another favorite of mine was the antagonist, Vivian. Even though in come, she still visits Evie in her dreams. The problem is that there is nothing antagonistic left. Viv went from Antichrist to Saint what seemed so implausible to me. And it felt so wrong to she both of the girls together like... sisters.
Last but not least I feel the need to mourn the absence of some of the secondary characters, especially Reth. What a wonderful devious protagonist, even if a little creepy. I loved him in Paranormalcy, and it made me sad that his show ups were so few and far between.
The only glimmer of light, concerning the protagonists, was a new one, Jack. And he was amazing. Sly like a fox, inscrutable, cocky, and sarcastic as hell. I wanted to strangle him quite a few times (and I’m amazed that Evie didn’t tase him every fife minutes), but yeah, I really, really liked that little rascal.

Again the plot wasn’t deep or overly heady. Although the one or other secret was disclosed, this book was quite long drawn-out if not a wee bit tedious and quite predictable. Don’t get me wrong, there were interesting parts, and twists and turns, but it felt like the author just wanted set the course for Endlessly, the last book in this series. I think it’s the old “Second Book Syndrome” Supernaturally suffered from. It Nevertheless I liked it and had fun reading it. The ending was amazing and whetted my appetite for more. That’s why I’m sure final installment will be better than this one. It’s already waiting for me :)