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Ashfall - Mike Mullin well, actually i'm not really into post-apocalyptic stories, but ashfall i wanted to read as soon as i laid eyes on the book cover. it's amazing. just as amazing as the content of this book.

i loved ashfall right from the start and was hooked by the first paragraph. that's a first. even my favorite book of all time, the hunger games by suzanne collins, took me some pages to get this captivated.

i really liked that the author throws his readers right amidst the horrible events. there is no long-drawn-out prelude with countless information no one wants to read. the story starts with alex, the main character, and almost immediately we are in the dead of the chaos.

alex is at home alone for the weekend whilst his parents visit his uncle. this weekend of all weekends a super-volcano at yellowstone decides to erupt. tons of ashes now cover the country, transforming it into a hostile environment. despite all the adverse circumstances alex is determined to find his family, so he sets out for his uncle's farm to reunite with his parents.

along the way he learns what human beings are capable of when a disaster hits - both the good and the evil. and he meets darla, who, due to terrible events, travels with him and later becomes his girlfriend. darla is a cool chick with skills essential for survival in this world of ash. she makes a great companion and saves his life more than once. without darla alex would be really screwed.

it's hard to say more with staying spoiler-free, so i will shut up now. just a few things in general:

on the whole ashfall is a well written and well researched book. there were some beautiful verbalizations, and i want to compliment the picture language. sometimes i almost could feel the freezing wind, or smell the sulfur, or feel the hunger. to convey feelings with words from a book is a skill the author can be proud of.

still there were some things i didn't like.
for one way too many consecutive sentences that started with "i"... i did these. i said that. i eat. i sleep. the same with personal pronoun. again and again "he" or "she".
for another i noticed some recurring phrases. that's okay albeit a little bit annoying.
that's all i have to criticize ^^

to sum up, i can say that ashfall was a great read. together with divergent by veronica roth and unwind by neal shusterman it makes my top 3 books in 2011.

i'm really sad that it's over. now i can't wait to read ashen winter.