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Name of the Star (Shades of London) - Maureen Johnson more like 3.5 stars...

well, i don't know how to rate this book. promising blurb mingles with intriguing cover followed by a heart-stopping first chapter. the name of the star started with a bang... that fizzled out. after the first chapter i cherished high expectations - all for nothing. esp. the first quarter was boring as hell.
it took me a long time to get there, but after having read approx. three quarters i finally started to like this book.

the storyline wasn't all that bad ^^ i mean: london, a jack the ripper-copycat, ghosts, kisses, rain, murders, really bad murders... and right in the middle of it rory, an american teen, who spends her senior year in london at a boarding school. bit by bit she learns she has the uncommon ability to see ghosts... yeah. then what? too much boarding school life, too little mystery and crime, plus an unnecessary and implausible ~love story. wasted potential, too bad.

nevertheless, the last 100 (or so) pages made up for most of the "slow pacing" and the (at times) annoying characters. finally there was action, there was thrill, and suddenly i found me liking rory and the ghost police team. wait, boo i liked from the very beginning. there is somefink about her that got me. she's cool :D
yeah, i liked the ending, even though i didn't quite get why the ~ripper started to ~rip. the explanation was somewhat lame and absurd. i mean, he just killed to get the termini, so that the ghost police could not come to end him. but why should the gp do so, if he's not dangerous? they only finish off evil ghosts... ergo: no killing, no eternal rest. see? absurd.

the writing style was to my liking, easy to read, easy to follow. and last but not least i have to thank the author for the ending. although there's a cliffhanger, kind of, it's not a nasty one. the story itself is closed, so you're not in limbo should you decide not to pick up with the next book.
i for one will read on :)