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Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake 4.5 stars to be exact :)

first of all: WHOA, what a beautiful cover *___* and with anna's red dress the uk paperback cover is even more beautiful.

the beginning of anna dressed in blood was confusing like hell, plus i had some difficulties with the writing style. but the more i read the more i fell in love with the book. it was an amazing read.
after the somewhat disappointing The Name of the Star i was skeptical towards another book with ghosts ^^ but while the name of the star was boring and lame, anna was unputdownable, thrilling and scary. admittedly, it didn't scare the hell out of me, still it was suspense-packed and gave me the creeps quite a few times.

the characters were well-elaborated, esp. cas and anna. they felt so real, which is saying something, after all they are ghostbuster and ghost and voodoo and spells. whatever ^^
at first the impression is created that the protagonists are a bunch of stereotypes, but it's not what it looks like.. each character has it own story and reasons. like i said, they felt real.
although there was no swoon worthy character i liked all of them. well, almost all of them. i could have lived without the generic dumbass role models, but anna and the villain took care of the little fuckers ;)

the plot, well. it was not quite new. we have a lone wolf ghostbuster (sorry, cas^^), who isn't longer a lone wolf, because a troop of weirdos is gathering around him to fight the evil villain. add a supernatural love interest and voilà - bob's your uncle ^^ anna dressed in blood, however, is more than that. there are twists and turns and the ending comes with a ~nice surprise. plus there is anna's story, a touching, horrible tale from her past *sniffs*

the ending was to my liking, open but no evil cliffhanger. still it made me sad... i can't tell you why. read the book, you will know what i mean...

i love love love this book. it's funny, creepy, dark, sad, intriguing, thrilling, and brutal. like a good meal has to appeal to all of your taste buds, a good book has to appeal to all of your emotions. this is anna dressed in blood. i can't wait to read the sequel Girl of Nightmares.