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Angelfall  - Susan Ee Angelfall did gather dust on my to read shelf for a long time. i wanted to read it, but put it on the back burner. it had to do with all the praise for this book, almost everyone seems to hold eulogies for angelfall which is why i was reluctant to read it. i was afraid that it would be the next book (in a long line of highly praised ones) that would fail me.
but in the end i had to give in to temptation. it's like locutus of borg said - you will be assimilated. resistance is futile.
locutus of borg

frex, yeah, resistance IS futile, angelfall DID assimilate me - in a frakking good way. this is a book made of awesome.

before reading you should take your knowledge about angels, put it in a box, put that box inside of another box, mail that box to yourself, and when it arrives smash it with a hammer. then grab your book and start reading about angels which are anything but angelic. hmph, i'm talking drivel, blame it on the book (and the emperor's new groove) ^^

what can i say about angelfall? hell, this book rocked my socks. in the beginning i was like o.O and wtf. it took me a few pages to get into the story, but after that i was hooked. after finishing this book i was unable to put in words what i felt, even now - almost four weeks later - i can't express how much i loved reading it. it stunned me, thrilled me, shocked me, horrified me, made me swoon, broke my heart, it didn't made me cry, but it made my eyes water.

right from the start (with no long-drawn-out prelude with countless information no one wants to read) the author throws the reader in the heart of chaos and destruction. you don't know what happened - or why. you only know what the mc, penryn, knows. i like that. usually i tend to complain about the lack of explanations like 'the world lay in ashes because blahblah' or 'some countless years ago this or that happened, that's why now we live in this form of society'. i wouldn't say it's useless stuff to know, but you don't need all this background knowledge to enjoy the story. all you need to know is that angels came along and destroyed the world.

in this destroyed world penryn tries to battle for her, for her insane mother's, for her paralyzed sister's existence. one day she observes an angel-fight, one angel suffers bad bad injuries (clipped off wings and stuff), another angel kidnaps penryn's little sister, paige, and the drama takes its course.
in order to save her sister penryn saves the injured angel, in order to get his wings back on the angel, raffe, makes a deal with penryn. enemies bond, but they don't mistake this bond for some kind of romantic shit. they.are.enemies.
that's what i loved so much – no head-over-heals-i-love-you crap. it's an arrangement - no more, no less. no friends, no lovers, just partners, what's due in no small part to penryn.

she's such an awesome character, no damsel in distress beyond belief. she's a kickass heroine, she knows what she wants and what she has to do - and she will do everything to accomplish her mission. in so doing, she doesn't consider herself too good for scarcely anything. i really liked her.

the same with raffe. he's pretty nice for an evil angel ^^ most of the time i couldn't decide between strangle or stab him, but he had his good moments when i became fond if him :) he didn't like being stuck with penryn, but he had no other choice. as an angel without your wings you to face problems you didn't even dream of... like walking and blisters and shit.

both, penryn and raffe, realize that they need each other. so they wend their way to san francisco, to the aerie. it's a dangerous roadtrip angels by day and gangs by night strike terror into people's hearts and other dangers are all around. they meet new friends and foes, they fight, they talk, they get to know each other. and eventually they become friends, sort of.

*pointsafingeratkarouandakiva* yeah, guys, enemies can chum up, but this won't happen overnight, it.takes.time! ;)

what else to say... the plot was awesomesauce, it entertained me from cover to cover. there are very few points i would complain about. for one, penryn's mother. i didn't get why her insanity was brought up over and over again, so i think this will play a major role in penryn & the end of days #2. for another, there's the writing. although intense and powerful, it's a little low-key. that's all :)
the rest - sharp and funny dialogues, unforgettable characters, twists and turns, action, pictorial language - is, like i said, awesome. but be warned, some scenes are pretty gruesome and yucky...

oh well, the ending... the ending was like the beginning where i was like o.O and wtf. actually it's a good ending, not that much of a cliffhanger, still it broke my heart :,(

i think it's needless to say that i loved loved loved loved loved this book. it's one of the best reads in awhile, and for sure the best books with angels i've ever read. can't wait to get the next one in my hands :)