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Across the Universe - Beth Revis update august 2012: deutsche Rezi hier: AnjaIsReading: Godspeed - Die Reise beginnt

More than the sound of my own beating heart, I miss the sound of a ticking clock. Time passes. It must pass...

this book goes straight to my 'in love with" shelf. so why only 4 out of 5 stars?
in fact, it's 4.5 stars. unfortunately, it's not possible to give half stars on goodreads.
it was a 5 star book, almost. almost.

i loved atu. so much. and i think beth revis is a genius of the first water. she has done a great job at writing a story that left me speechless and sorely shocked. that's what happens when amazing writing meets amazing world building. the first chapters were confusing, but great nonetheless. so i was hooked from the very beginning. btw, imo it was a masterstroke to tell atu from two different points of views - amy's and elder's. so it was easier (yeah, it wasn't easy at all, but easier) to understand what's going on and to see both sides of the story.

it was hard to read about the freezing, to learn how ~alive amy was, despite the fact that she was supposed to be cold out (yeah, pun intended). her thoughts, her dreams were so... terrifying. ~living like this for 300 years (give or take some centuries), the thought alone makes me shudder, just to wake up way too early in an alien world with strange rules, strange people, and no escape. and that's just the beginning of a bumpy road with twist and turns, some good, some bad, some evil. you want to know more? go, read the frexing book :'D

things i liked:
a) the writing! wonderful pictorial language goes straight into my head to paint the story there, but it's not messing with my imagination
b) the atmosphere! frexing amazing, claustrophobic, freaky, brilliant, capturing, mind-blowing
c) the story! again, mind-blowing
d) the characters! most of them, whether or not good or bad, were great outlined
e) frex! yeah, it's frexing cool
f) so much more i'm to lazy to list *lol*

things i didn't like/understand (in other words: things why not five stars ^^)
a) the water - yeah, they recycle, but how? i don't get it... people and cattle need to drink, plants need to get watered, sometime they will run out of water. how much of it you can store?
b) the season - erm, not the season by itself, it's the fact that people doing it like mindless robots. how can you prevent incest this way?
c) the name thing - come on, elder? really? -.- elder is elder and will be eldest and still be elder, that makes my brains itch ^^
d) the ending/solving - it was smooth sailing, too smooth. and orion's reasons to kill the frozen military personnel were too unoriginal. they fell short of my expectations.
e) the mommy/daddy-thing - amy is what? 17 years old? it's odd that she's calling her parents mommy/daddy.

things that made me sad:
why oh why harley had to die? :'(

yeah, that's all. i highly recommend this book, it's brilliant with few flaws. elder ftw :D

ah, just one thing: the german book-publishing house has censored the book. some lines mentioning hitler are gone. i don't know why, it's plain stupid. i think it's because of the german history and that would be really idiotic. censoring the name will not wipe the slate clean. (i'm german, jsyk)

i'm done, now go, read the frexing book. you know you want to ^^