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Prized - Caragh M. O'Brien it's three months since i finished this book, about time to rate and review o.O

in birthmarked, gaia left the enclave with her baby sister, and prized picks up were birthmarked ends. o'brien is briefly mentionig what happened over the weeks out there in the wasteland, there are no countless chapters of endless wandering and whining and starving, and that's a good thing. she's telling what's important with enough room for the reader's imagination.

well, wasteland... a stranger comes, finds gaia and her sister, rescues the two of them, and brings them to sylum. sylum is... fucked up. it's even more fucked up than the enclave. at first appearance sylum is a nice community, but on closer inspection you can see how crappy this society is.
first off, women are in charge. well, okay, could be much worse, right? but it's too much matriarchy. men have no say. why? that's why! there are far more men than women, so women are sacred or something. there is no balance, women rule, men obey, (in the abstract this sounds good ^^) and this is just wrong. balance is vital.
second off, there are very strict social structures to abide by, otherwise they cast you out or off you go in the brig. it's too long since i read this book, so i don't remember all the levels of shit in sylum, but what i remember is that my prevailing thought was wtf o.O

i can't even beginn to describe what i felt when the matrarc got all bitch. they took gaia's sister, then offered a choice, leave now alone or stay forever and live by the rules. what would you do? leave your sister with this fucked up people? no way. but... once your system adjusted to sylum's environmental conditions you can't leave. ever. you die if you try it.
so gaia is forced to stay, being completely dominated by the matrac, who's controlling the whole community.

but something is brewing in sylum. gaia will be the catalyst for revolution. the world will change, and the enclave and sylum will mingle... i think ;)
oh, and not to forget the love connection. leon... leeeeeeeeeooooooooooooon ❤ *le sigh*

like birthmarked, prized was quiet told with scary wtf-moments. sometimes the book puts you on the edge of your seat, sometimes it's unwinding and almost peaceful without being boring. from time to time gaia was the weak point of the strory. sometimes i really wanted to strangle her. but in the end she found her wits and her strength and was again the likeable girl from birthmarked :)
again the writing is good, easy to read, easy to follow. but the ending, oh the ending. did i mention i don't like cliffhanger? but it's okay for it's a tame one.
now i have to wait for promised, the last book in this series. i'm sure it will be even better than prized, like prized was far better than birthmarked.