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Insurgent - Veronica Roth once upon a time there was a book that rocked my socks. it started slow, but got more and more intense with every page i read. it was gripping, fast paced, exciting, it stirred every emotion i had, its characters were amazing, esp. the female mc. tris was one of the few heroines who didn't annoy the shit out of me. this book was divergent. i loved it, it was nearly perfect. so it's no surprise that sequel insurgent was one of the books i was dying to read.
alas, i have to admit that divergent raised expectations that insurgent fell short of.
writing and world building were brilliant. but the story itself was a bit underdeveloped with too much focus on the romance.

acutally, the first half was awesome, even though it was fairly different to divergent and the setting reminded me a bit of thg's district 13. but it was great to be back in this world, to meet some of my favorite characters again. still it was a little confusing, for i couldn't remember who was who (except for four, tris and peter). who the frak was this will who got shot in the head? there is no recap, insurgent picks up where divergent ended, with four, tris four's father, and peter on the run. therefore i had some difficulties to dive into the story. but it could have been worse.
like divergent, insurgent is fast-paced, gripping, and full of action. one thrill ride follows the next.
unlike divergent, insurgent got more and more boring with every page i read, which was perhaps down to the fact that in the second half all the important things somehow faded into the background. moreover tris and four started to grate on my nerves (esp. tris) with their trying to pick a fight with each other. all i got now was the bickering between the two of them. what really mattered came as side notes to keep the reader (as in me) up to date.

brave kick-ass tris from divergent changed to annoying as hell tris in insurgent. yeah, i know she's depressed, she lost her parents and killed her friend. but her being in pain it was so overdone. i got frakking tired of hearing about will. tris was so angst-ridden it's ridiculous. like she's drowning in her angst. so, essentially, she's useless for her faction. nevertheless she's got nothing better to do than making downright stupid decisions without speaking to anyone about it or thinking over her actions. working togehter with four's dad? hell, yes! he's an asshole, four hates him, she didn't know if she could trust him, but it's good to team up with him. and that dumb selflessness act? turning herself into the erudite because they threatened to kill people until the divergent starting to surrender sure, best decision ever, tris. you're the only one who's divergent, the only one who can save the world. no, you don't have to talk with others, esp. not with four, who's your boyfriend. secrets are good. she reminded me so much of bella swan i wanted to cry.
and four was not a tittle better. his empty threats (if you do this again we are over) were so meaningless, his actions so contradictory . he claims to love tris but his behavior towards her made me cringe. the four i fell in love with was all of a sudden a stranger to me.

whoops, this sounds like there was nothing good with tris and four. but that's not true. they had their moments that made me awwwww and swoon, some cute, some funny. moments where the real tris and the real four showed up, like when he wanted to fight off her bad dreams with his bare hands, or the moment when they confessed their love for each other.

i don't know what to say about the ending. cliffhanger, yes, but one i can live with. what made me angry was the revealing of the big ass secret...
in divergent i wondered what's with the world outside the fences of chicago. what's the deal with the factions? questions i almost forgot till the answers came up in insurgent. while reading divergent i suspected some kind of experiment but did abandon that theory, for it was too foolish to be true. well, it was not. when the vid started i knew what was about to come.
now i am really dissapointed with this secret and the ending. i had hoped for more. the whole thing was just preposterous and i'm really sad to say that.

all in all i can say i liked insurgent but i didn't love it like i thought i would. still it's a great read. i'm looking forward to the next book, even though i'm not that excited anymore.