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Legend - Marie Lu update september 2012: Deutsche Rezi hier ---> Marie Lu – Fallender Himmel (Legend #1)

legend is one of these books i was reluctant to read. as a matter of fact, i'm sick to death of generic dystopian books which seem to spring up like mushrooms. apparently, legend was doomed to be a dust catcher on my to read shelf until the cows come home. but then there came this fateful night when i lay in my bed with my ereader forgotten in the living room, and i was to lazy to get up to fetch it. so i took legend from my nightstand and started to read and holy fucking hell - this book rocked my socks.

in the beginning i was confused like hell. first chapter, caption: day. second chapter, caption: june. third chapter, caption: day. strange time leap, right? wrong ^^ the captions had nothing to do with time or date or whatever. it was just my dumb "you won't read the blurb" self that told me so. if i had read the full description i would have known that day and june were the protagonist's names. sometimes i'm such a blockhead...
the chapters alternate between their pov what really benefits the story. it needs to be told from both parties. with only single pov (regardless of whether day's or june's) legend would be nowhere near as good like it is.

it's not fair to compare this book with the hunger games or divergent, but it's the same genre and i needed to set a standard for myself. so i can say i loved the hunger games and divergent was great but legend easily ups the ante. i have to admit that the book is slightly predictable on some points, but it's like once in a blue moon, so it's fine by me.

that's what you get if you might want to read this book:
a republic of california at war with the colonies. a military regime. kids who have to pass a test, the score of which decides those kids's fate and future. slums infested by horrible diseases. realizing that it's hard beyond belief to fight years and years of propaganda and brainwashing. a rebelling boy who is public enemy number one. a girl coming from a good home, true to party principles, who is ordered to hunt this boy down. a nasty intrigue. murder. blood and thunder. violence. a kiss. and last but not least a cutthroat bitch... compared with commander jameson thg's president snow seems to be an altar boy.

marie lu knitted a fast paced, heart wrenching, dramatic, sad, beautiful, brutal, thrilling, capturing story. her words sucked me right in. plot, writiting, setting, characters - everything fits together perfectly.
it may be true that i wanted to slap june more often than not, but it's not her fault. it's the regime that made her, and it's day who will make her see. she is strong and stays true to herself, she's no whiney bitch and she didn't made me roll my eyes with dumbass decisions, although she made shitty ones, but she couldn't help it.
day is amazing. he won't make it on my "fictional characters i want to marry" list, still he's just great. he won me over from the very beginning with his intelligence, his love for his family, his actions, his strength. he knows how to handle life, how to survive in this cruel world. he knows how to outwit the regime. he's far from being perfect, he has is flaws, he makes mistakes. and that makes him authentic, real.
even the secondary characters like day's family, tess, and metias are well developed and at some point all of them are important to the story.

despite all my praise for this book it failed me in a hugebigfat point. IT ENDED when all i wanted was more. and the ending, oh boy.
actually it's a great ending for a great book, still it broke my heart. not in a nasty cliffhanger way but in a loving dog owner way. i hope there's someone who will take care of ollie...

at this point i should give up reviewing this book, for i know i will never bring the justice it truly deserves. just one thing: in the see of dystopian ya novels, legend stands out like a shining star. it's a book made of awesome.