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Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card 2 Totoros

Deutsche Rezension hier: Orson Scott Card – Enders Spiel | AnjaIsReading

It’s a shame, but I surrender.
I thought I would like Ender’s Game, and I did. the beginning was awesome – I loved little Ender, I felt sorry for him, my heart broke for him, I loved his inner conflicts. The first chapters (as in approx. 25% of the book) were great and capturing and interesting.

Alas, after that I got hopelessly lost in countless zero gravitiy mock battles and endless playing “let’s kill the giant/the kids/the wolves” video games.
Ender changed from a ‘likeable, cute genius’ to an ‘annoying, mary-sue-like genius’ I wanted do strangle more often than not. But what really killed my mood was all the babbling about politics and buggers/no buggers and “we will change the world” shit. For fucks sake, these kids are what? 10 years, 12 years old? I know, the government is breeding child geniuses, but it’s simply too much. Too many highly gifted kids with seemingly slow-witted parents.
And at first i liked the Ender-Peter-Valentine relationship. Unfortunately, this too changed for the worse -.-

Different than originally planned, I’m once more going to write a review for an unfinished book -.-
So it’s 5 stars for the awesome beginning and 1 star for the rest of the book = altogether 2 stars.

Now I’m waiting for the movie :) I think I will like it better than the book :)