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A Million Suns  - Beth Revis update August 2012: deutsche rezi hier: Beth Revis – Godspeed: Die Suche

4.5 stars to be exact
the time has come. today i will put a million suns on my "in love with" shelf ^^ yeah, i love this book so frakking frexing much. it's even better than Across the Universe, but still i had to subtract a modicum of starshine.

but first things first. i feel the urgent need to heap some praise on Beth Revis. she's just freaking brilliant. she knows how to construct a striking plot. and the writing, oh the writing. the writing makes me swoon with its richness of detail and ideas. if there's one thing the author has perfected, then the show, don't tell concept. reading the book is like being be in the thick of things, like participating in the story. i love it when that happens. plus i loved the plot, the twists, the turns. technically [b:A Millions Suns] might have been a five star book... technically.

great things:
a) the story - fast paced, gripping, thrilling, full of action, chaos, suspense, excitement
b) the sinister atmosphere
c) the love story - omg, frak, YES! no starcrossed lovers and no insta!love !!! big fat brownie point :D
d) the characters - the good, the bad, and the ugly
e) esp. elder and his growth (idk, is this the correct term in that regard? *scratcheshead*) he's strong, no namby-pamby crybaby :) sometimes i wanted to kick his as and scream, "stand up and fight! or, at least, go back on phydus." but he remained steadfast and cut his own path.
f) the villain - i would never have dreamed that he might be the bad guy, i even understood his motivations
g) the ending - well, actually i'm undecided whether or not i like the ending :'D but it's not a cliffhanger-that-will-drive-you-mad-with-uncertainty ending, so i think i like it, even though i can hardly wait to know what's going to happen next.

things i didn't get:
a) the centauri earth - they reached c.e. generations ago and NO ONE noticed? not even the shippers? i see, there are no windows and there were phydus, so the feeders wouldn't know, but the shippers? how about sensors or scanners? how did they discover c.e. in the first place? i mean, there a all sorts of technical gimmick, like water recycling, grav tube, artificial sun, air cleaning, but no sensors? very unlikely, unless there's a good explanation, like one of the eldests ordered to destroy sensor-like things.
b) the paper chase - what's more like a video chase :D i know, it's relevant to the story, but i still don't get why orion expended such an effort. be that as it may, it was fun to read.
c) the engine lie - why the frak the shippers lied to eldest about the engines? wasn't he supposed to know the frexing truth? did eldest just pretend to buy the lie so the secret could kept safe?
d) amy in the final chapters - she never was a kick-ass heroine, still she was a nice chick. but suddenly she's pmsing like a spoiled brat. she's not exactly a fan of orion, but this??? and all this bitching out elder - wft o.O i really wanted to slap her.

yeah, that's all i have to say ^^ one thing: i think everyone should give Across the Universe and A Million Suns a try, even if you're not into sci fi.

i often find me thinking about Shades of the Earth and what will in store for us. maybe centauri earth is not centauri earth at all. maybe it's cylon occupied caprica, maybe it's some klingon settlement, maybe it's the planet of the apes or a world full of morlocks. whatever, Beth Revis will surprise us and publish a fantabulous book :)